Sweet dreams : Mille-feuille pastry… flowers and grass pillow

Oreiller d'herbe [LOVE TIP/ My MADELEINE] Drop herbal tea. Have a mille-feuille instead. Following the warm and professional advice of  la librairie gourmande -wondeful place, just go!- I have bought the pastry book by Pierre Hermé & Julie. Today I am boldly trying a mille-feuille pastry for the first time – my way though- with layers of flowers and herbs.. litteraly a grass pillow…

Blending neroli, linden and acacia flowers all having light sedative properties, infusing some tonka, this creamy and narcotic mille-feuille should quickly send you floating somewhere over the rainbows, ready for sweet dreams..

Flowers Mille-feuille pastry

Flowers Mille-feuille pastry

For the pastry you need to caramelize on both sides so that it remains crispy even with the cream on


15cl of fresh liquid cream to be boiled + 1 ss of acacia honey+ 1 handful of lindenflower + 1 ss of orange blossom water+1/2 grated tonka

Whip up 2 egg yolks with 1 ss of sugar. Pour the cream. Let simmer. Briskly cool it down (use a bowl with ice) . Add 2 ss of agar agar powser. Never cease whisking the cream. Let it cool down in the fridge for 2 hours.

Whisk 125g of mascarpone, pour the flower cream on it , and whip it up. You can now use a piping bag to set up the mile feuilles

Tada! the most difficult was to find the right balance between flowers and tonka. Acacia and linden can easily be dominated by tonka and neroli. I made some trials beforehand in herbal teas to check the most relevant combination..

Tonka.. Is really addictive . When it comes to fragrances I especially love the Keiko Mecheri Loukhoum (but extremely powerful I warn you) and more recently Satine by Lalique. Also Eau de Lotus by Kenzo is delicate but very sensual. If you like Tonka you will not regret it!

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